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Thematic Conversation
Parallel Histories – How Art and Technology Are Connected

Modern art, early media art, Net Art and Post-Internet art share roughly the same media landscape. With the exception of minor local differences in terms of political and technical structure of media networks, artists all over the world have worked in a media landscape that transformed from state-controlled mass media to the globally connected niche networks of today.

This transformation did not happen overnight. It is possible to recognise different phases along the way from the art made over the past three decades. These phases have produced artistic approaches with varying levels of technical engagement that have not been surpassed, but which rather co-exist in what is by now a multi-layered media landscape. We live in a world in which old and new technologies do not die but are stacked or intermingled. The rich environment this creates provides a fertile breeding ground for the development of new artistic practices as well as novel experimentation in older art disciplines. In this talk we look at the parallels between media development and the production of art from 1980 till today.

Supported by The Embassy of the Netherlands, Sri Lanka

Sun 28.08 / 16:00 - 17:30
Former General Post Office

Josephine Bosma webprofile

Josephine Bosma

Josephine is a journalist and critic living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She focuses on art in the context of the Internet. In 1997, Josephine became one of the key figures participating in and moulding the then new sphere of critical Internet discourse (and practice) taking place in email lists such as Nettime and Rhizome. She is one of only a few critics that have followed art in the context of the Internet from the early nineties till the post-Internet and hacker art practices of today. Some recent texts and interviews by Josephine have been 'Collect the World', 'The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age' (Link Art Center 2011), 'Aram Bartholl: The Speed Book' (Gestalten 2012), 'Post-Digital is Post-Screen in Post-Digital Research' (2014) and 'Missing Links' in Frieze D/E (2014). In 2011 her book 'Nettitudes - Let's Talk Net Art' appeared, which lead to an external PhD candidacy at the University of Amsterdam.

Susanne Jaschko webprofile

Susanne Jaschko

Dr Susanne Jaschko is the curator of Colomboscope 2016 TESTING GROUNDS. She is an independent contemporary art curator with an international practice. For her full biography click here.