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Deep Sensing
Close to the Bone

Paranoia grabs hold of a bourgeois Colombo couple when a series of strange encounters interrupt their lives. From the outside, Kusal and Tania are the golden young urban couple living in their brand new apartment in the newly gentrified Slave Island, but when Tania begins to notice an older woman stalking her and Kusal starts receiving a series of mysterious phone calls, they each begin to suspect their own indiscretions have come back to haunt them. Visited upon by Kusal's sister, Yasodha, and her girlfriend, Sanchia, the interruptions begin to bleed into the events of the night and the relationships of the couples present begins to fray, as the line between victim and predator becomes increasingly blurred.

Close to the Bone is a collaboration between Arun Welandawe-Prematilleke and Isuru Kumarasinghe. A theatrical production and sound art piece combined. An immersive performance, in the style of the director's 'Paraya', with a twist. Bring your phones and bring them charged; log in at the start of the show and you will be allowed access inside each of the character's heads through your own device. Alongside the performance, you will be able to enter into their minds, hear their thoughts, memories and regrets.

On Thu 01.09 / 16:00, Arun Welandawe-Prematilleke, Isuru Kumarasinghe, Sarani Perera and the cast of Close to the Bone will speak about the development and realisation of Close to the Bone in an Artists' Conversation.

Closer to the Bone

Supported by The John Keells Foundation

Mon 29.08 / 20:00 - 21:00
26.08 / 20:00 - 21:00
28.08 / 17:00 - 18:00
28.08 - 01.09 / 20:00 - 21:00
Presidential Suite / Cinnamon Lakeside
Ticket Price LKR 1000


Capacity 35

Arun Welandawe Prematilleke webprofile

Arun Welandawe-Prematilleke

Arun is an actor, writer and director, and a graduate in Drama and Theatre Arts, Goldsmiths College, London. He specialises in immersive theatre and has served as Associate Artistic Director of the Mind Adventures Theatre Company since 2013. He has worked in London with several devised and immersive performance companies, such as Frantic Assembly, You Me Bum Bum Train and Retz. Arun is a founding member of the Hot Butter Collective, an artist collective, and Scout, a logistical management company for filming in Sri Lanka. Notable works include 'Paraya', 'Only Soldiers', 'Blowhards' and 'Better Than Ever Before'. He is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Isuru Kumarasinghe webprofile

Isuru Kumarasinghe

Isuru Kumarasinghe, from Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, first began delving into the expanse of sonic artistry and music at the age of 13. From his early days creating original music with computer software, Isuru’s interest later deepened towards the recondite nature of sound experience, acoustic potential and expanding perception of listening. Largely self-educated and initially working in isolation, his collaborations with theatre and dance groups led him to work alongside the Chamber Music Society of Colombo.

A part of the Sri Lankan underground art scene as an experimental musician visual/sonic and sound artist, Isuru has also done several sound performances. He is currently a member of Musicmatters, a collective of non-mainstream/experimental musicians in Colombo, and co-organizer of the annual Musicmatters Festival.